Surprising wines, sharing plates.


Our name says it all. Translated from French to English BRUT simply and beautifully means; raw. Raw talent, raw materials, raw passion and personality. 

If you enjoy setting your taste buds alight with unusual flavours you will no doubt enjoy an evening at Brut; surprising wines and delightful combinations of simple ingredients reworked with love and creativity.

We believe in food with an interesting story to tell, where fond memories and flavours are blended together to create dishes both nostalgic and new.


Our unquenchable curiosity for flavors, cultures and people means that we’re always experimenting with our playful menu and wine list.


Our wines, like our food, are carefully sourced from mostly organic and biodynamic farmers around the world and naturally adapt with the seasons. We also source an extensive and ever changing “by the glass” menu giving you the freedom to explore a bold collection of flavours each time you visit.​



Camille Lisette Glass kicked off her training at Ferrandi culinary school in Paris, followed by an intensive apprenticeship at Youpi et Voilà under renowned chef Patrice Gelbart. After experimenting with her own speakeasy-style private kitchens in both Paris and Hong Kong, Miss Lisette Glass pursued a long-standing interest in natural wines and high-quality produce, building her expertise through roles at La Cabane and Locofama Group, founding the latter’s natural wines store ‘Fresh Orgasmic Bottles’, before deciding to launch her own concept; Brut!


George Kwok discovered his passion for cooking after moving to Bristol, England, and struggling to find high quality Asian cuisine. During his 10 years in Bristol, he launched his own project to perfect his cooking technique and built up a strong portfolio which he now shares via Facebook and YouTube to his 5000+ followers. Having previously worked alongside two-time Michelin star awarded chef Lise Deveix of Akrame, Mr Kwok is now Executive Chef at Brut! with a blend of sharp wit, efficiency and creativity prevalent in his cooking.



We love to cook delicious food. We especially love to get creative and play with foods from all over the world that have wowed us along the way. 

Please note that the ingredients we use are highly seasonal and our daily offerings are updated frequently.

Most allergies can be accommodated and we welcome vegetarians and vegans.




Shop C, G/F, 1 Second Street,

Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

+852 3460 5863 


​Monday to Saturday  6pm -10pm

Sunday: Closed

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